About Bellwether

Who is Bellwether Media?

Bellwether Media was founded by John Martin as Bellwether Media, Inc., in 2005 as a privately held publishing firm. Bellwether Media's headquarters is nestled in the lakes area of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Its products can now be found in most libraries throughout the United States. The company also has a significant international presence including Canada, South Africa, Australia, and the far East.


The mission of Bellwether is to improve literacy around the world. Toward this end, the company publishes engaging and accessible reading materials for beginning and struggling readers.


Bellwether’s first signature imprint, Blastoff! Readers, introduced a carefully leveled reading system with a variety of subjects catering especially to beginning readers. Industry journals have consistently praised the products for presenting complicated information in an accessible way. They also recognize the series for its bold, bright graphics and high-quality photography. The followup imprint, Torque, further defined the type of books Bellwether would specialize in for older, reluctant readers. High action, extreme sports, fast cars and unexplainable mysteries for when the willingness to crack open a book required a suitable adrenaline rush. The subjects in these topical titles were near and dear to John’s heart, and he quickly discovered that many kids shared his obsession for all things intense.

Since then, we’ve introduced unique imprints Pilot, Epic, Express and Black Sheep to round out the Bellwether family. Each serves its own individual purpose, yet all carry the job of bringing excitement to low-skilled readers with a love of high thrills.

Bellwether is dedicated to improving literacy by focusing on beginning readers and struggling readers. Our driving purpose is to build bridges between curiosity and success.

“Literacy makes strong people, who become strong leaders.”
— John Martin