Individual Title: $22.95 List / $16.95 Library
Reading Level: Level 1
Interest Level: K-3
Author:Derek Zobel
Copyright:© 2012

Did you know that a group of lions is called a pride? Have you heard that lions work together to stalk their prey? This book for young readers offers this information as it presents lions on the prowl. It teaches children about the physical and behavioral characteristics of these big cats.

Bellwether Level:Level 1
Guided Reading Level:H
Page Count:24
AR Points:0.5
AR Quiz Value:146668
RC Level:420
RC Quiz:Q55166
RC Points:1
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GorillasIndividual Title: $22.95 List /$16.95 Library

The way a gorilla moves is called knuckle-walking. This is because the animal puts pressure on its knuckles when it moves. Beginning readers will learn how gorillas  walk, why they beat their chests, and more in this informative title.

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Animals with an appetite for hedgehogs must work hard for their dinner! They need a pain tolerance for sharp spines and the strength to pry tightly curled bodies. Get a feel for why hedgehogs are among the prickliest of prey.

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Hippopotamuses spend much of their time in the water. It is the only way they can keep their huge bodies cool because they do not sweat! In this book, children will be surprised as they discover many cool facts about how hippopotamuses eat, move, and more.

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Honey badgers never learned to pick on animals their own size. They ll confront everything from cobras to lions, and their reckless confidence is enough to spook any foe. Read this book to find out what happens when opponents have the nerve to fight back!

HyenasIndividual Title: $22.95 List /$16.95 Library

Spotted hyenas get the giggles after a successful hunt. They  laugh loudly to welcome other hyenas to come and feast on the kill. This book introduces children to hyenas animated hunters and scavengers.