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Author:Colleen Sexton
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ld. The Amazon Rainforest in Brazil has the greatest biological diversity of any ecosystem on the planet. Students will learn all about Brazilian culture and get a glimpse into what kids do for fun in Brazil, especially discovering the country s love for soccer.

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Exploring CountriesSeries (set of 66): $1,646.70 List /$1,250.70 LibrarySeries (set of 66): $1,646.70 List /$1,250.70 Library

What country would you most like to visit? Would you like to see the Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal in India, or the Eiffel Tower in France? In this series, eager readers will pack their bags and explore different countries, visiting landmarks and trying out the language of each country. Kids will experience what daily life is like in these countries—what other kids do for fun, what school is like, and the cultural activities that make up an integral part of life for the citizens of these countries.

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IsraelIndividual Title: $24.95 List /$18.95 Library

Israel is a country with deep religious roots. It is considered the homeland of the Jewish people. In this book, young readers will be introduced to Israel s devout people, historic landmarks, and foods that create an interesting and unique cultural heritage.

ItalyIndividual Title: $24.95 List /$18.95 Library

Sticking out into the Mediterranean Sea, Italy has some of the nicest weather in Europe. It is famous for its art, architecture, and cuisine. Readers will discover the physical geography of Italy through descriptions of the landscape, waters, and coasts. They will also learn about the cultural geography of Italy, reading about Italian schools, businesses, and communities.

JamaicaIndividual Title: $24.95 List /$18.95 Library

Jamaica is a small island country in the Caribbean Sea known for its Reggae music and spicy foods. Some Jamaicans do not cut their hair! They prefer to twist their hair into dreadlocks instead. Young readers will learn about the history of Jamaica and customs that make it unique.

JapanIndividual Title: $24.95 List /$18.95 Library

Japan is a nation made up of many islands in the western Pacific Ocean. Over 100 million people live in this small nation of islands. Many live in the countryside, but millions live in crowded cities like Tokyo. Students will learn about the physical features of the landscape and surrounding waters as well as the cultural aspects of the Japanese from old traditions to modern everyday life.

KenyaIndividual Title: $24.95 List /$18.95 Library

bones and giant crocodile fossils discovered in Kenya reveal that the country has been home to a variety of wildlife for millions of years. Learn more about Kenya s wildlife, and explore Kenyan culture and the diversity of people that call this beautiful place home.