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Author:Colleen Sexton
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America s northern neighbor, Canada, is similar to the United States in many ways but also very different. Kids will learn about Canada s diverse wildlife as well as some of its biggest cities such as Toronto and Vancouver. They will read about what school is like for kids in Canada, how people often speak both English and French, and how Canadians enjoy playing hockey.

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Exploring CountriesSeries (set of 73): $1,813.35 List /$1,379.35 LibrarySeries (set of 73): $1,813.35 List /$1,379.35 Library

What country would you most like to visit? Would you like to see the Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal in India, or the Eiffel Tower in France? In this series, eager readers will pack their bags and explore different countries, visiting landmarks and trying out the language of each country. Kids will experience what daily life is like in these countries what other kids do for fun, what school is like, and the cultural activities that make up an integral part of life for the citizens of these countries.

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FinlandIndividual Title: $24.95 List /$18.95 Library

Finland is covered in forests and boasts nearly 200,000 lakes! Finns value equality. It was the first country in Europe to grant voting rights to women. Young readers will love learning about this country where people regularly rest in heated saunas and the sun does not set for two months in the summer.

FranceIndividual Title: $24.95 List /$18.95 Library

France s most famous icon is the Eiffel Tower. This tower in Paris is the height of an 81-story building and ranks as the most visited monument in the world! This book introduces children to the classic beauty, revolutionary people, and fine foods of a country known for the arts.

GermanyIndividual Title: $24.95 List /$18.95 Library

For over a quarter century, Germany stood as a country divided. A huge concrete barrier known as the Berlin Wall physically divided the capital of Berlin. When the wall came down in 1989, Germany was reborn. Readers will learn what daily life is like today for the innovative and industrious people of Germany.

GreeceIndividual Title: $24.95 List /$18.95 Library

This ancient country is considered the birthplace of Western civilization. Tourists can walk on the grounds of the first Olympic Games, see the mythical Mount Olympus, and visit the Acropolis of Athens, where people gathered thousands of years ago. Read all about Greece and its traditions, from old to new, in this informative title.

GuatemalaIndividual Title: $24.95 List /$18.95 Library

Guatemala, a hotspot of unique wildlife, boasts 100 rivers, over 250 wetland areas, and many famous volcanoes. Read about this beautiful Central American country and experience the daily life of the Guatemalan people, from work and school to fun and play.