Blastoff! Readers
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Eating Right with MyPlateSeries (set of 7): $160.65 List /$118.65 Library

Explore the components of a healthy lifestyle through MyPlate, the USDA s latest model of nutrition. This series introduces young readers to the five major food groups and how they fit in with the healthy choices that help kids perform at their best!

Oceans AliveSeries (set of 36): $826.20 List /$610.20 Library

Oceans Alive takes readers on a field trip to the ocean! Young learners are introduced to the physical characteristics, habitats, and behaviors of animals including sharks, whales, clown fish, and many more creatures of the sea.

The New Food Guide PyramidSeries (set of 8): $183.60 List /$135.44 Library

What should I have to eat? The food and physical activity choices children make each day affect their basic health. This series offers tips, ideas, and a wealth of suggestions that can help children get started on a healthy lifestyle.

World of InsectsSeries (set of 19): $436.05 List /$322.05 Library

How do fireflies light up? Why do bees and wasps sting? How do butterflies get nectar from flowers? This series shows how unique insects eat, work, and live. It will have young readers buzzing with excitement!

Blastoff!  is our leveled nonfiction imprint for beginning readers. We currently offer 5 scaffolded levels that take students from learning to read to reading to learn. Blastoff! makes it easy to match books with readers!

Level 2 offers early readers a bit more challenge through varied simple sentences, increased text load, and less repetition of high-frequency words.