Blastoff! Readers
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Animal ClassesSeries (set of 6): $137.70 List /$101.70 Library

Take a trip to the zoo and you ll see how distinctly different animals are. You ll see animals of all sizes and colors, animals on land and in water, and animals with fur, scales, and feathers. In this series, discover how members of the animal kingdom are grouped into classes based on their similar characteristics.

Earth Science RocksSeries (set of 4): $91.80 List /$67.80 Library

What is a mineral? How are fossils made? Get the dirt on these questions and more in this series. Young learners are introduced to earth science as they read about the basic materials that make up our planet.

Exploring SpaceSeries (set of 18): $413.10 List /$305.10 Library

What causes Jupiter’s Great Red Spot? How have volcanoes shaped the land on many planets? How do space shuttles launch and dock with space stations? This series introduces young readers to the objects within our solar system and the tools people use to explore the mysteries of space.

Learning about the EarthSeries (set of 13): $298.35 List /$220.35 Library

From mountains to rain forests, this series explores the basic physical features that make up our planet. Young readers will discover each feature of Earth, how it formed, and what plants and animals call it home.

Life CyclesSeries (set of 12): $275.40 List /$203.40 Library

How does a tadpole become a frog? How does a butterfly s diet change from larva to adult? Follow insects, birds, fish, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians as they transform into adults. Young readers will watch each animal complete its unique life cycle.

North American AnimalsSeries (set of 20): $344.25 List /$263.25 Library

The North American continent is home to animals of all sizes and appetites. There are gray squirrels hoarding acorns, blacks bears searching for berries, and American bison grazing on protected plains. Meet your wild neighbors in this series for young readers.

SeasonsSeries (set of 4): $91.80 List /$67.80 Library

What makes each season unique? This series explores the heat of the summer sun, the cold and snow of winter, the new blooms of spring, and the colorful leaves of fall. Students will learn the weather, animal behavior, and changes associated with each of the four seasons.

Snakes AliveSeries (set of 16): $367.20 List /$271.20 Library

Watch out for these dangerous predators! This series presents the physical characteristics, habitats, and hunting methods of different snakes. Eager readers will learn about the grip of a python, the venomous fangs of a cobra, and much more.

WeatherSeries (set of 5): $114.75 List /$84.75 Library

Why does lightning form and strike? Why does rain fall from the sky? What are the different kinds of clouds? These questions and more are answered in this series that provides young readers with the basic principles of weather and gives them a foundation for further reading.

Blastoff!  is our leveled nonfiction imprint for beginning readers. We currently offer 5 scaffolded levels that take students from learning to read to reading to learn. Blastoff! makes it easy to match books with readers!

Level 3 advances early-fluent readers toward fluency through increased text and concept load, less reliance on visuals, longer sentences, and more literary language.