Individual Title: $22.95 List / $16.95 Library
Reading Level: Level 2
Interest Level: K-3
Author:Martha E. H. Rustad
Copyright:© 2008

The teeth of parrotfish never stop growing. They look like a parrot s beak! This book explores how colorful parrotfish swim, eat, and rest covered in slime.

Bellwether Level:Level 2
Guided Reading Level:G
Page Count:24
AR Points:0.5
AR Quiz Value:118125
RC Level:540
RC Quiz:Q42557
RC Points:1
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Oceans AliveSeries (set of 36): $826.20 List /$610.20 LibrarySeries (set of 36): $826.20 List /$610.20 Library

Oceans Alive takes readers on a field trip to the ocean! Young learners are introduced to the physical characteristics, habitats, and behaviors of animals including sharks, whales, clown fish, and many more creatures of the sea.

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AngelfishIndividual Title: $22.95 List /$16.95 Library

Angelfish are colorful ocean creatures known for their vibrant beauty. This book introduces young readers to the attractive appearance of angelfish and explains where angelfish live and what they eat.

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With sleek bodies, dagger-like teeth, and ferocious appetites, barracudas are excellent ocean hunters. Beginning readers will learn where barracudas call home and why they are nicknamed the  tigers of the sea.

CoralsIndividual Title: $22.95 List /$16.95 Library

Though corals look like plants and sunlight helps them grow, corals are actually animals! Find out where corals live, what they look like, and how they eat and make coral reefs.

CuttlefishIndividual Title: $22.95 List /$16.95 Library

Cuttlefish are chameleons of the sea. They can change their skin color to match their surroundings. Beginning readers will discover where cuttlefish live, what they eat, and how they stay safe from predators.

DolphinsIndividual Title: $22.95 List /$16.95 Library

Dolphins make clicking sounds and listen for echoes to catch food. Echoes help dolphins locate fish. Learn all about dolphin communication and how dolphins prosper underwater!