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Reading Level: Level 3
Interest Level: K-3
Author:Colleen Sexton
Copyright:© 2011

Living in parts of the Eastern United States, copperheads are named after the orange-brown color of their bodies. Students will learn about the diet, habitats, and physical characteristics of these poisonous snakes.

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Snakes AliveSeries (set of 16): $367.20 List /$271.20 LibrarySeries (set of 16): $367.20 List /$271.20 Library

Watch out for these dangerous predators! This series presents the physical characteristics, habitats, and hunting methods of different snakes. Eager readers will learn about the grip of a python, the venomous fangs of a cobra, and much more.

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AddersIndividual Title: $22.95 List /$16.95 Library

One of the most common snakes in the world, the adder is the only snake to live in the Arctic Circle. Burrowing away in winter and basking in the spring sun, adders make their homes in woodlands, mountains, and other areas. Young readers will learn all about the adder s physical characteristics, venomous bite, and hunting methods.

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Weighing in at more than 400 pounds, anacondas are the world s heaviest snakes! This book explores how these massive creatures look, where they live, and the way they stalk prey.

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Boa constrictors slither around smelling for prey with their forked tongues. Eager students will learn what these fierce hunters look like, where they can be found, and how they use their coils to kill.

Bull SnakesIndividual Title: $22.95 List /$16.95 Library

Known for its fierce attitude, the bull snake is very defensive when threatened. Its main method of defense is to move its tail quickly in leaves and flatten its head so it looks like a rattlesnake. Read more about the bull snake s amazing rattlesnake impression and other methods of intimidation in this exciting book!

CobrasIndividual Title: $22.95 List /$16.95 Library

With threatening hoods and fangs full of venom, cobras are powerful predators able to paralyze their prey and swallow it whole. Find out how cobras look, where cobras live, and the way they fool predators.