The Shetland Pony

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Interest Level: 3-8
Author:Sara Green
Copyright:© 2012

Shetland Ponies are small horses with long, thick manes. They are popular entertainment for children at carnivals and fairs. In this title, students will learn more about the characteristics of this friendly breed and what makes it special today.

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Horse Breed RoundupSeries (set of 14): $349.30 List /$265.30 LibrarySeries (set of 14): $349.30 List /$265.30 Library

From the leopard-spotted Appaloosa to the small Shetland Pony, young readers will discover what makes each horse breed special. They will learn about different coats and body types and explore activities like horse shows and trail riding. Whether it is the hoof-stomping speed of the racing Thoroughbred or the dainty prancing of the American Saddlebred, children will love the fun and excitement of this series!

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The American Paint HorseIndividual Title: $24.95 List /$18.95 Library

The American Paint Horse is known for the white spots splashed like paint across its otherwise solid-colored coat. Related to the American Quarter Horse and the Thoroughbred, the American Paint Horse has a muscular body and powerful legs. Spot these horses sprinting across the pages of this fun book!

The American Quarter HorseIndividual Title: $24.95 List /$18.95 Library

The American Quarter Horse got its name from its ability to run a quarter mile race faster than almost any other breed. It has recorded speeds up to 55 miles per hour! Read all about this fast horse and what makes it one of the most popular breeds in the United States today.

The American Saddlebred HorseIndividual Title: $24.95 List /$18.95 Library

This sleek, flashy horse is famous for being the “peacock of the horse show world.” With its flowing tail, toned body, and long legs, it is known for high-stepping in front of horse show judges. Eager readers will watch this horse prance and learn about the other characteristics that make the American Saddlebred unique.

The Appaloosa HorseIndividual Title: $24.95 List /$18.95 Library

The Appaloosa Horse is one of a few breeds affected by what is called the “leopard gene” in horses. Its coat has a layering of colors that produces a leopard-spotted pattern! Young readers will love learning about this unique horse and its role in riding competitions and cowboy culture.

The Arabian HorseIndividual Title: $24.95 List /$18.95 Library

One of the oldest horse breeds in the world, the Arabian Horse has been used by many cultures throughout history. It is valued for its friendliness, intelligence, and cooperation in many tasks. Eager readers will find out what else makes this horse distinct, from its physical appearance to its influence on other breeds.