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Best Books

Welcome to Bellwether

Bellwether provides attractive, accessible and engaging quality-bound books for libraries and classrooms. Bellwether strives to nurture early reading experiences as well as inspire reluctant and less-able readers toward reading achievement. We want to help you make all your students lifelong readers.

Bellwether Puts Reading First

All Bellwether books are designed in accordance with the 5 tenets of effective reading instruction:

• Phonics • Comprehension • Vocabulary
• Fluency • Phonemic Awareness


All Bellwether books feature Factsurfer.com web sites. When your students go looking for more information on the web, Factsurfer.com provides age appropriate, relevant, and safe search results. Help them find exactly what they're looking for — and nothing else.

Quality Guarantee

You can count on Diamondback library bindings to protect your Bellwether books for many years to come. In fact, if a binding ever fails to meet your expectations, call Bellwether at (800) 679-8068 for a prompt replacement. No questions asked!